Saturday, 20 September 2014

‘Urban Turban’ Day at the Clock Tower



On Saturday 20th September, Leicester’s Sikh community welcomed the charitable groups Chardi Kala Turban Academy, Basics of Sikhi and Midlands Langar Sewa Society, who specialise in turban tying, Sikh community awareness and feeding the homeless respectively, to participate in the city's Urban Turban Day.  
It proved to be a marvellous sight to witness this 20-strong , group of male and females distributing free Langar (food) and tying extravagant and colourful turbans on passers-by.

The Urban Turban event took place at the Clock Tower in Leicester City Centre from 12-2:30pm with the specific aims of promoting harmony and providing education on the Sikh Turban.
Amandeep Rai, spokesman for the Leicestershire Sikh Alliance stated, “The turban is our Guru's gift to us. It is the most visible way in which we crown and identify ourselves.  Whilst most people in Leicester may know that Sikhs wear Turbans, very few actually know why.  To foster even greater harmony and integration between all the communities of Leicester, it is vital we also understand each other further.  I think that Turban tying is a fun and practical way of learning through experience.”

Guropkar Kaur, a volunteer and spokesperson for Leicester Kaurageous said, “I’m really looking forward to helping out on the day, it’s going to be such a fun day!  It’s so important that we, the Sikh community, start doing such events outside of Gurdwara’s and reaching out to the wider community.
Mr Surinderpal Singh Rai (General Secretary of Gurdwara) said “We hope everyone who attends on the day takes some knowledge away and shares it with others;  then we will consider the event a great success. “

On the day, over 80 Dastaars (turbans) were tied and over 1,000 meals served to passers by.

The event was organsied by Leicestershire Sikh Alliance along with Mr Singh's Clothing and Kaurageous Leicester.

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