Monday, 20 May 2013

Basics of Sikhi - Seminar & Workshops "Re-assessing the Fundamental’s"

Sikhi Seminar & Workshops

Re-assessing the Fundamental’s

On Saturday 27th April at Gurdwara Sri Guru HarKrishan Sahib Ji, Jagraj Singh did a series of Sikhi seminars and workshops on, "Re-assessing the Fundamentals of Sikhi".  The attendees explored and learnt the universal message of Sikhi in a refreshing and easy to understand way.  

Jagraj Singh is an Oxford graduate in Philosophy and the main speaker on the "Basics Of Sikhi" YouTube Channel run by Everythings 13

The presentation was a huge success and went down well with those who attended.  Below are a few testimonials from attendees:-

Testimonial 1 - Gurvinder Singh & Harjit Kaur

“This was a fantastic introduction to Sikhi. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole event from introducing the basic tenants of the Sikh faith to dismissing negative ideologies that have crept into Sikhi today. We would thoroughly recommend it to anybody interested in Sikhi and look forward to attending more such events”

Testimonial 2 - Ranjit Singh Dhillon

“This is an amazing talk! I have learnt more in 10mins from this event, than in years of attending my local Gurdwara. The true message of Sikhi is delivered in an easy to understand way. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. It been brilliant here today. Many thanks”

Testimonial 3 - Bhupinder Singh & Tajinder Kaur

“We found the day hugely informative and eye opening. Credit to the Leicestershire Sikh Alliance, the organisers who brought Jagraj Singh from Basics of Sikhi to Leicester. We will definitely be attending more of these sessions.”


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