Monday, 5 November 2012

Sikh Community at 2012 "Together" event in Beauchamp College

The Leicester Sikh Alliance along with our partners from Oadby Punjabi School (OPS), which is based in Guru Harkrishan Gurdwara (Oadby), designed and set up Sikh stalls which were utilsed at the Together Event in Beauchamp College.  It was an amazing day. All community and charity stalls were awesome and volunteers so friendly.

The local Bishop approached the Sikh stall and said "You're kids were the highlight from the whole event for me...I learnt so much from them. Each of them had something new and interesting to say about Sikhism...please say thank you to them from me"

Event photo gallery
The Khalsa Family

Leicester Sikh Alliance Stall

Oadby Punjabi School Stall

The Calligraphy Table

The Calligraphy Table

Networking Session between all Faiths

St Phillip's Centre & Near Neighbours Stall


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