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This page details all the media coverage arranged by the LSA or where there LSA are quoted.

Article in the Leicester Mercury facilitated by the Leicestershire Sikh Alliance

- March 2th 2014 - Radio Leicester - Raj Mann speaking in regards to the Amritsar Massacre Rally outside Parliament.
- Februaury 20th 2014 - ITV Online - Leicester Sikhs attend mass rally outside Parliament

- Februaury 11th 2014 - BBC Radio Leicester - LSA Chair, Rajwant Singh Mann, defending Sant ji's right to be based at Sri Harmandir Sahib ji in 1984.

- Februaury 6th 2014 - Leicester Mercury - Give us whole truth on Amritsar attack, urges Leicester MP Jon Ashworth.

- Februaury 4th 2014 - ITV Online - Leicestershire Sikh Alliance meets with Leicester MP
- Februaury 4th 2014 - ITV Online - Sikhs in Leicester watch government review with interest

- January 22nd 2014 - ITV Online - Sikh Delegation from Leicester arrives at Parliament

- January 22nd 2014 - Pukaar News Online - Sikh Lobby in Parliament for Golden Temple Attack

- January 22nd 2014 - Leicester Mercury - Sikh's from Leicester to join Golden Temple of Amritsar Lobby in Parliament

- January 23rd 2014 - Leicester Mercury - Sikhs from Leicester join campaign at the House of Commons to support Amritsar inquiry call

- January 23rd 2014 - ITV News - Leic Sikh Alliance & Liz Kendall MP at Parliament for Golden Temple Attack

- January 19th 2014 - BBC1 Sunday Politics - 1984 Golden Temple Attack Coverage

- January 17th 2014 - ITV Online - Leicester Sikh Alliance to take part in Amritsar lobby

- January 17th 2014 - Jon Ashworth MP raising Sri Harmandir Sahib attack in the commons.

- January 16th 2014 - Leicester Mercury - 'Back independent inquiry into UK links to Amritsar massacre' say Leicestershire Sikhs

- January 15th 2014 - Leicester Mercury - Golden Temple massacre: Sikhs in Leicestershire react with shock over evidence of 'SAS link' to attack


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