Sunday, 1 April 2012



This page details all media coverage arranged by the LSA or where we are quoted.

Article in the Leicester Mercury facilitated by the Leicestershire Sikh Alliance

British Involvment in Planning Attack on Sri Harmandhir Sahib

- March 2th 2014 - Radio Leicester - Raj Mann speaking in regards to the Amritsar Massacre Rally outside Parliament.

- Februaury 20th 2014 - ITV Online - Leicester Sikhs attend mass rally outside Parliament

- Februaury 11th 2014 - BBC Radio Leicester - LSA Chair, Rajwant Singh Mann, defending Sant ji's right to be based at Sri Harmandir Sahib ji in 1984.

- Februaury 6th 2014 - Leicester Mercury - Give us whole truth on Amritsar attack, urges Leicester MP Jon Ashworth.

- Februaury 4th 2014 - ITV Online - Leicestershire Sikh Alliance meets with Leicester MP

- Februaury 4th 2014 - ITV Online - Sikhs in Leicester watch government review with interest

- January 22nd 2014 - ITV Online - Sikh Delegation from Leicester arrives at Parliament

- January 22nd 2014 - Pukaar News Online - Sikh Lobby in Parliament for Golden Temple Attack

- January 22nd 2014 - Leicester Mercury - Sikh's from Leicester to join Golden Temple of Amritsar Lobby in Parliament

- January 23rd 2014 - Leicester Mercury - Sikhs from Leicester join campaign at the House of Commons to support Amritsar inquiry call

- January 23rd 2014 - ITV News - Leic Sikh Alliance & Liz Kendall MP at Parliament for Golden Temple Attack

- January 19th 2014 - BBC1 Sunday Politics - 1984 Golden Temple Attack Coverage

- January 17th 2014 - ITV Online - Leicester Sikh Alliance to take part in Amritsar lobby

- January 17th 2014 - Jon Ashworth MP raising Sri Harmandir Sahib attack in the commons.

- January 16th 2014 - Leicester Mercury - 'Back independent inquiry into UK links to Amritsar massacre' say Leicestershire Sikhs

- January 15th 2014 - Leicester Mercury - Golden Temple massacre: Sikhs in Leicestershire react with shock over evidence of 'SAS link' to attack


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